ACH transactions are electronic payments that debit the donor's bank account directly. Some donors prefer this option to paying with a credit card or check. 

Before you proceed, please be aware that ACH (Automated Clearing House) transactions are unique because they never decline, even when they aren't successful. They can take up to 14 days to clear the various banks that process them. The best practice when providing this option to donors is to regularly monitor to ensure the transfer attempts were cleared by your bank. 

Here is how you can enable this option in GivingFuel - this process takes 2-3 business days. 

Start by upgrading to the PRO or ENTERPRISE package. 

This option is not available on Starter. You can upgrade your plan anytime under Plans & Billing.  

ACH is not available with Webconnex Payments (WePay). You will need either Cornerstone (NMI) or as your payment gateway. 

We do not charge a custom gateway fee for ACH if you choose Cornerstone as your payment option. You can apply for a gateway with them here, then contact support to arrange to have the 1% fee waived. 

Once your plan and ACH-enabled gateway are live, you will see this toggle under payment methods within the billing section of the page. 

This allows you to enable ACH payments on any GivingFuel page.

You will also want to ensure that it's enabled under the gateway settings. 

Your donors will then have the option to make an ACH payment on the live page. 

Note: You will not see this option enabled in preview mode, only on the live page. 


Will I be charged extra fees to use this payment option?

You can contact support with the chat bubble in the bottom, right corner of your account to ensure the custom gateway fee of 1% is waived. 

The NMI ACH standard cost is 1% and $0.30 cents with no minimum and a ($25.00 reject cost).

The current default ACH rate for is 0.75%, no transaction fee, $10.00 monthly Min, $25.00 Chargeback Fee and $3.00 return fee.

Can I enable this option in any other product?

This option is only available in GivingFuel. 

Why does the set up take so long? 

It takes a few days to complete set up and verification for a Cornerstone gateway. If you already have Cornerstone or, the set up will be much faster.

Is this option available for international donors? 

ACH donations will only work for US based donors because of a limitation with the RTE numbers.

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