The Donation field allows several different options for giving. In this article, we will cover: 

  • Suggested Amounts 
  • Donor Decides
  • Fixed Amount

All these options live in the Donation field:

Suggested Amounts

This option allows you to plug in options for your donors to choose from in advance. 

You can display the suggestions as radios or buttons: 

Donor Decides

This option allows the donor to type in any amount. 

This option displays as an open field: 

Fixed Amount

This option allows you to pre-set amount and frequency for donors to select. 

This option displays as radios: 

Additional Options

Recurring Donation Settings

You can enable/customize recurring donation options to meet your organization's preferences. 

Fund Tracking

You can utilize fund tracking. Learn how here. 

Covering The Processing Fee

You can also ask the donors to cover the processing fee. You can set the fee as low or high as you'd like, customize the phrasing of the ask, require the fee, or set it by default. 

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