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Migrate and Import Your Recurring Donations From Another Payment Processor
Migrate and Import Your Recurring Donations From Another Payment Processor
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Here are the steps to transfer recurring donors from another payment processor. 

Important (!) This option is only available for clients who have 100 or more recurring donors.

Check with your current provider:

  • Will your current payment provider agree to follow our set guidelines to securely export your donors current data? 

All payment processors have their own set of rules they follow about exporting donor data. You will need to check with them on what they will or won't allow you to do. With that said, they must follow our guidelines precisely, or this cannot be completed. 

There will be a $500 fee + $1 per donor for importing your recurring donors into our system.

Please Note: If your file is not properly formatted according to the necessary standards, you may be charged an additional fee to correct the file or have the file rejected. If it is discovered there is incorrect data in the file after the import has successfully been completed, there will be a $100 per hour charge to correct issues arising from incorrect data from the file. Should your file not meet formatting requirements upon submission, your import date may be delayed to the next available date.

How to transfer your outside recurring donors into GivingFuel:

Confirm you are on the Pro or Enterprise package of GivingFuel. This option is not available on the Starter package. 

  1. You must work with your payment provider to format your data based off of this template HERE (Cards) and HERE  (ACH) All recurring imports MUST have dates set in the future. For example, all imports must have their next billing date set in the future, not the past. We need 4-6 weeks allocated for the import.
    - Keep the processing of your recurring donation in your current processor as we import the information into GivingFuel. We will tell you when to 'stop' the recurring donations in your current platform which will be the time we turn them 'on' in our platform.
    - You will be given two files; ACH (HERE) and one for Credit/Debit Card  (HERE) transactions. Pick your import date: 1st or the 15th of the month, whichever you desire. The file your payment processor gives you must remain in the XLSX format it was downloaded from us in. DO NOT accept a CSV or other file format from your current provider.
    - After receiving the XLSX file back from your current provider, it is up to you to review the file for its accuracy. NOTE: DO NOT re-save this file after viewing. If you find any inaccurate data, or truncated numbers in Excel, reach back out to your current provider to ensure the issue is resolved.

  2. Download the public key file HERE . This download will be used by your current provider to encrypt your current customer data after they create the file based on the template(s) above.

  3. Download PGP Portable ( to encrypt the file using the public key file. (PGP Portable is only compatible with Windows) Your provider must use THE SAME KEY to encrypt this file, otherwise we will not be able to decrypt your customer data securely, causing the process to be restarted, and possibly incurring additional fees.

  4. Transfer these encrypted files through After creating an account at, you must share access with so we can securely download the file. If the file format is found to be incorrect or not meet the standards outlined here, there may be additional fees charged to your account.

  5. Our developers will review the file for accuracy and formatting required for import. **This does not mean we check accuracy for card numbers, donor records or funds** You are responsible to review the file for accuracy of donors, amounts and intervals and all data pertaining to the donations. Should there be records that could not be imported because of an error or other issues, we will provide you a list of records that need to be corrected or discarded.

  6.  After we’ve confirmed your data has been imported, you must log in, and verify the accuracy of the important data.

Common Practices To Follow:

If doing an import, PLEASE read these:

  •  Do NOT open up the file the provider gives you in Excel. This can alter your CC/ACH numbers, thus invalidating all CC/ACH numbers and making the file useless.

  • Have your current provider include leading 0’s on your ACH numbers. Those must be 9 digits long, so the 0’s are needed.

  • Ensure importing donations have all recurring donations set in the future.

  • DO NOT email us the file directly. Instead use and share access to

  • ALL fields MUST be FILLED OUT on the template given above.

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