Start by selecting the donation field. 

Fund tracking is only available in this field.

Enable fund tracking. 

List your fund options (separated by a comma) and check Allow "Other Fund" if you'd like to enable a custom-typed option. 

If you enable comments / instructions it will allow donors to add a note or additional information for you to know when processing the donation. You can customize the label if needed.

Save and preview to test it out on the page. 

This feature is compatible with all the display options.  

Note: When this feature is enabled, you can export the fund and comments with the donation. 


Why use this feature instead of adding a text / paragraph field to the page?

Fund tracking will pull into a transactional report. Custom fields will ONLY pull into a donation report. If you require the fund for accounting purposes, this feature was built for that use. 

Can my donors still make multiple gifts with this enabled?

Yes. They can still use the full functionality of a GivingFuel page, the only difference is they will designate each donation by selecting a fund from the list. 

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