Double your fundraising with Employer Matching! Experience cutting edge employer matching tools to track, manage, and expand your corporate gifts with Double the Donation.

To get started with Employer Matching, create an account with Double the Donation here and obtain your "Public Key."

Note: To obtain the "Public Key", visit your Double the Donation account. Select Settings > API Keys.

To enable Employer Matching on your GivingFuel donation page, add the Employer Matching field.

Note: If you do not see this as an option in your account, reach out to Customer Support so we can enable that for you.

Once you have your public key, enter it into the Employer Matching field.

Save your changes and publish your page.

Donor Experience

The donor will...

  • Enter their donation amount

  • Select their company name from the list of approved options

  • Submit their gift

The confirmation page and email confirmation will display the Employer Matching information and ways for the donor to access the match from their employer.

Employer Data That Pulls Into the Confirmation Page

  • Link to submit the donation to their employer to be matched

  • Eligibility for gift matching (part-time, full-time, etc)

  • Match amounts and ratio

  • Matching gift information the company provides & more!


Is there a demo I can attend to see how this works?

Yes! Watch our recorded Employer Matching Demo HERE.

What if my donor forgot to enter their employer matching or didn’t know they had employer matching available through their company?

The option will appear on the confirmation as a reminder. However, you can resend the confirmation anytime for the Donor to view it again.

Where do I locate the "Public Key"?

Go to your Double the Donation account. Select Settings > API Keys and follow the rest of the steps provided by Double the Donation HERE.

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